Industrial Land

Mapa suelo industrial Castilla-La Mancha



The availability of industrial land in Castilla-La Mancha a gives a competitive advantage, not only in terms of the extent available but also due to its strategic location and price. This makes it very attractive for all types of industrial and logistical operations; both for foreign companies seeking to invest in our country and for entrepreneurs who need land for their projects, especially when taking into account the benefits afforded by the measures taken by the Regional Government in this particular area.



Our region borders onto 50% of the peninsular regions of Spain (which produce more than 56% of the GDP), it is intersected by 4 of the 6 main state motorways and its railways link it to 14 of the 24 mainland ports. This makes it an area of great interest for any business focusing its activity in the central peninsula and intending to reach towards Portugal, the south of the peninsula and the Mediterranean area.


Although the project has not yet been completed, to date data has been collected on 138 urban areas in 55 municipalities in the region with regard to the availability of publicly or privately-owned vacant industrial land. By province, the land is distributed as follows:


Albacete:                                             3,550,000 m2

Ciudad Real:                                      3,400,000 m2

Cuenca:                                               1,000,000 m2

Guadalajara:                                       5,150,000 m2

Toledo:                                               10,100,000 m2


TOTAL CASTILLA-LA MANCHA:    23,200,000 m2


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The data collected concerns land located in areas whose detailed planning already has gained final approval and has either already been developed or, if not, has been registered with the corresponding Land Registry. In this regard it should be noted that, in general, built-up areas of urban land have not been included (as there are few vacant plots) and neither have areas of land whose purpose has not been allotted considering that the Map is intended to show the distribution of available, industrial land.